About Us

TutorFuse is an online service created in 2018 that connects certified teachers with classroom experience to students, based on need and geographical radius. It was created by teachers, for teachers and students. We believe that all students should have access to qualified, personalized instruction. With ever-growing class sizes and evolving curriculums, tutors are in high demand. Parents are looking for qualified tutors, while teachers want to make additional income on their own schedule. With this need on both ends, we wanted to create an easy way to connect students to the tutors they need and tutors to the clients they seek.

TutorFuse provides tutors with printable resources and allows them to set an availability schedule, age/grade/subject preference, and specify payment requirements. Tutors are neither employees nor independent contractors. Tutors are self-employed and TutorFuse is not responsible for setting schedules, client satisfaction, or timely payments. TutorFuse will also never take a percentage of the tutor’s earnings.

TutorFuse allows parents to search for tutors by geographical radius, availability, and skillset. This gives parents the ease and convenience of finding a qualified and experienced tutor that fits their budget and schedule. Parents have the opportunity to browse tutor profiles and contact them directly through TutorFuse’s messaging application, or they can post a job and wait for tutors to contact them.