Why TutorFuse?

There are many reasons parents choose private tutoring for their children. Some parents find it difficult to help their children with schoolwork. Others have found that their children work best with another person. They see that not only do their child’s grades improve, but their confidence as well. Tutoring gives students individualized instruction that they don’t receive in a large classroom. So, if we know this to be true, why is it so difficult to find a qualified tutor?

Parents and students have limited options when searching for a tutor: word of mouth or a large, impersonal tutoring company. These options rarely provide you with a certified teacher who has experience with the curriculum being taught.

  • All our tutors have classroom experience
  • We specialize in tutoring only, not providing other services
  • Tutors keep 100% of their tuition so clients have more satisfied teachers
  • Learn online or in-person (when safe due to COVID-19)

TutorFuse was developed with the parent and tutor in mind. We wanted to create a network that connects certified, experienced professionals with students in need of support. It is important to us that teachers are able to instruct students in their own content area.

What are the benefits of tutoring?

  • The average public school classroom is 25:1.  Tutoring provides individualized instruction to not only support, but accelerate your child
  • Tutors customize lessons and concepts just for your child
  • Tutors get to know your child’s learning style and adapt lessons accordingly
  • Students thrive and feel successful when they are able to move at their own pace and reach their goals
  • Tutoring allows students to dig deeper into the content, to make connections to the world around them, and has been proven to motivate students to become lifelong learners
  • Improves academic performance, self-esteem, work/study habits
  • Self-paced learning encourages your child to ask questions in a safe space
  • Tutoring helps your child to build executive functioning skills, such as  establishing a positive work space, free from distractions
  • Having a certified teacher who has experience with the curriculum being taught.