Why Choose TutorFuse?

TutorFuse is an online resource connecting parents with tutors, and tutors to the students they are seeking. We are the only site offering certified tutors with classroom experience and a wide range of subject expertise.

For parents

Parents create a profile and input their child’s needs and personal preferences, such as tutoring subject, preferred time, online session, etc. You can then access profiles of tutors and find the best match for your child. You can view certified teachers, their photos, qualifications, experience, philosophy, and subject or grade level expertise. When you find a tutor that fits your needs, use our private messaging system to contact them. They will view your request and contact you for further information.

Tutorfuse.co takes the stress away from finding a tutor. Whether you are seeking consistent sessions or last-minute support for an upcoming test, we have made it efficient and convenient to find a tutor. Parents are also able to create job listings that tutors can respond to, which is an alternative to sifting through profiles.

Our Teachers

Teachers can build their tutoring business, on their own time, while keeping 100% of their rate. All academic tutors have classroom experience, with an understanding of the Common Core Curriculum. Tutor expertise ranges across grade levels and subjects. But it doesn’t stop there! Tutorfuse.co provides individuals with an expertise in recreational sports, instrumental music, executive functioning, and test prep. Just think, your child can receive one-on-one support for math AND basketball!

Tutorfuse.co – created with teachers, parents, and students in mind!

What subjects does TutorFuse accommodate?

TutorFuse prides itself on having tutors for all subjects. What does all subjects mean? One may think it means Math, English, History, and Science. This is not the case. TutorFuse truly tutors in all subjects. If your child needs help with basketball TutorFuse will find you a certified teacher who can help your child with basketball. Maybe you need a tutor for a foreign language, no worries TutorFuse has it covered. TutorFuse does not stop there; they go above and beyond as they can connect parents with teachers who are certified speech pathologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. If you need a Tutor for your child, Tutorfuse.co offers a user-friendly way that is fast and easy. This is the place to find the right teacher to support your child!